Did you know that the sewer line is the most expensive part of a home to repair, but it is very often the most poorly maintained? At Advanced Inspections, Inc., we make it our goal to prevent undetected sewer problems from costing you a fortune. Before you buy a home, it's essential that you get a septic inspection done. This generally involves running a camera down into the main sewer line to look for problems.

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Is your home at risk?

Is your home at risk?

In the Whitefield & Augusta, ME area, we have more homes on septic systems than city sewer lines. This means there could be a host of problems with your septic system that are lying dormant. Some of these problems might include:

  • Rusted or blocked pipes
  • Plugged septic fields
  • Aging or damaged boxes

The best way to diagnose hidden sewer line and septic problems is with a scope. One of our inspectors will run a flexible camera into your sewer lines to look for any issues. This simple sewer inspection could save you up to $20,000 in repair costs.

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