Is Your New Home Ready for Move-In?

Hire a premier home inspector in Whitefield & Augusta, ME

Before you buy a home, it's essential to arrange for reliable home inspection services. The experts at Advanced Inspections, Inc. can perform a detailed inspection of your new living space. With more than 18 years of experience behind us, we know exactly what to look for, and how each potential issue may affect the future of your home.

Once your inspection is complete, we'll provide you with a detailed assessment. Call our home inspection company at 207-248-2690 today to schedule your inspection in Whitefield & Augusta, ME.

Proudly serving Lincoln, Kennebec and Surrounding Counties!

Get a comprehensive inspection report

At Advanced Inspections, we take pride in our work. We're certified by two different professional associations, and our team is fully insured for your protection. While some inspectors may operate without insurance, we've worked hard to educate and certify our team. After over 300 hours of education, we're uniquely qualified to inspect your home.

Don't rely on any other home inspection services in Whitefield & Augusta, ME.

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Residential and Commercial Inspections

Residential and Commercial Inspections

Have your home or business inspected by a team of trained experts.

Radon Air & Water Testing

Radon Air & Water Testing

Find out if your property needs radon mitigation before you get sick.

Water Quality Testing

Water Quality Testing

Don't continue to use contaminated water.

Sewer Line Scope & Septic Inspections

Sewer Line Scope & Septic Inspections

Let us catch problems in your sewer line before they lead to an expensive rupture.

Offering more than just home inspections

In addition to standard home inspections, our team can also check out your home for potentially dangerous contaminants. Whether you're getting ready to move in or you want to check out a house you've occupied for years, we can tell you about anything that needs to be addressed. Our certified inspector can take care of:

Radon testing

Water testing

Septic inspection

Once your home inspection is complete, the home inspector will go over the results with you. We'll help you understand any immediate deficiencies the property may have, what might come up in the near future, and what safety concerns you should address. Contact your trusted local home inspector in Whitefield & Augusta, ME now to get started.